You might be wondering “Why should I become a blood stem cell donor?” There might be several questions and doubts in your mind on how this step could help someone. It is best to know the facts and decide for yourself.

Blood cancer and Thalassemia are words that have the force to unsettle even the strongest and bravest. It is not just the diagnosis of the disease, but also the social perception and lack of awareness about its treatment which makes it difficult for the patient to overcome the disease. A blood stem cell transplant is most often the only cure for such disorders.

A patient only has a 25% chance of finding a donor from within the family. Majority of the patients have to depend on unrelated blood stem cell donors. The probability of finding an unrelated matched donor is 1 in 10,000 to 1 in over a Million. You could say that 1 in a Million match is for someone who is gripping on to their life at the edge with hope.

Take the first step. Register yourself as a potential blood stem cell donor.



Hi,  I’m Veer, I’m a 3 year old kid who needs a Bone Marrow Donor to permanently cure my fatal disorder. Will you please help me find one?  People know me as a cheeky, happy go lucky boy, with a really energetic personality. I bring a lot of joy to all those around me...

Swab for Khyatiba

2.5-year-old Gohil Khyatiba is the only daughter of her parents. Unfortunately, when she was just an infant she was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major, a disease that requires a periodic blood transfusion, which is painful and expensive. Her father is working as a clerk...

Be Arjit’s Superhero

Arjit is a vivacious, intelligent 26-year-old engineer and an avid sports enthusiast with a warm personality. However, life took a serious blow when he was diagnosed with Small Lymphocyte Lymphoma(SLL) / Chronic Lymphocyte Lymphoma (CLL), a rare type of blood cancer....

Be Liyna’s Lifesaver

Liyna Anwar is a 29-year-old diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and needs a life-saving blood stem cell transplant. A journalist with a passion to share engaging stories with the world, she now needs her own story to be told, which will be a message of hope...

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