You might be wondering “Why should I become a Blood Stem Cell Donor?” There might be several questions and doubts in your mind on how this step could help someone. It is best to know the facts and decide for yourself.

Blood cancer and Thalassemia are words that have the force to unsettle even the strongest and bravest. It is not just the diagnosis of the disease, but also the social perception and lack of awareness about its treatment which makes it difficult for the patient to overcome the disease. A Unrelate Blood Stem Cell Transplant is most often the only cure for such disorders.

A patient only has a 25% chance of finding a donor from within the family. Majority of the patients have to depend on Unrelated Blood Stem Cell Donors. The probability of finding an unrelated matched donor is 1 in 10,000 to 1 in over a Million. You could say that 1 in a Million match is for someone who is gripping on to their life at the edge with hope.

Take the first step. Register yourself as a potential Bone Marrow (or) Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donor.


Be the Lifeline for Naja Mariyam !

Be the Lifeline for Naja Mariyam !

Naja Mariyam, a delightful 6-year-old from Kasargod, Kerala, is the cherished child of Ramseena and Najumdeen. Since birth, she has been battling thalassemia, a challenging condition that necessitates a blood transfusion every 14 days—a painful process that brings...

Be the Ray of Hope for Shivam!

Be the Ray of Hope for Shivam!

7-year-old Shivam Kokane, from Pune, is an incredibly cheerful child who adores outdoor activities. However, enjoying the outdoors has become a challenge for this young boy due to a rare and debilitating condition he faces. Shivam suffers from congenital...


1. What is Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donor’s registry?

Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry is where one can enroll as a donor. Once a person signs-up as a donor, her/his details are recorded and stored in the database along with HLA typing report. This database is cross-verified periodically by the registry donor follow up team. If Registry receives the search request, then HLA typing is compared with the donor and donation process is taken forward only when 10/10 HLA typing is matched.

2. How to become a potential blood stem cell donor?

You are open to register in any Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry as per your wish, your age has to be between 18 to 50 years. A small contribution of Rs.1800 is collected during the registering with us, this contribution is for HLA tying cost. You will be intimated when you become an only live-saving match, remember you are the only hope for the patient.

3. Who can donate blood stem cell or bone marrow?

Any person between the age of 18-50 years and is not suffering from HIV, Cancer or Bleeding disorder can become a Blood Stem Cell Donor.

4. Are relatives more likely to become a bone marrow match?

There is only a 25% chance that any close relative can match up to the recipient’s requirements.

5. What are the risks behind the bone marrow donation?

Bone marrow donation is done under anesthesia, and hence there’s no pain. However, discomfort or side effects may vary depending on each person. Some people have reported back or hip pain. There are no major side effects reported till date during or after Bone Marrow Donation.