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Every drop of water matters! With this, each and every volunteer who participates and dedicates themselves to DATRI adds great value and importance to our mission of saving many lives.

India has seen a dip in the number of cases for Covid-19, but the number of cases for various blood-related disorders and blood cancers is still on the rise. We thank the unconditional support of all the volunteers rendered to us even during the difficult times of the pandemic outbreak.

We appeal for more volunteers to step forward and contribute in every little way you can, to spread and create awareness amongst the youth of India to come forward, register with us at DATRI and save a life. We at DATRI can make a difference only if we are united and together with you

‘Dear Volunteers’; through your support, we can add more days, more happiness to those suffering from blood cancer and struggling to find a blood stem cell donor.

Volunteers OF THE MONTH

Mr. Amit Joag

We at DATRI want to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers who have helped us in raising funds and to encourage all the volunteers to support us in fundraising so that collectively we can march towards our vision and mission.

DATRI runs fundraising projects like DATRI TMM_UWM, Project 60:60. Many of our volunteers have taken up these projects and supported the cause at their best. One of our volunteers Mr Amit Joag, raised INR 64,500 in TMM 2021 through this Voluntary Fundraising Platform.

Mr. Manish Jaywant

Donor Recruitment is one of the core activities in DATRI, our volunteers play a very vital role in donor recruitment. In any place, whether a college or a corporate firm, a volunteer from that institute, acts as a bridge between the potential donors and DATRI.

Mr. Manish Jaywant Sonawane is one such volunteer from Maharashtra (India) who has been associated with the hospitality and tourism industry. He has been a great support system in Maharashtra. He has managed several independent donor recruitment camps in Pune and several other remote locations.

Mr. Jalal Khan 

One cannot just emphasize how crucial is Product Transportation during the entire process of blood stem cell donation. Product Transportation is the end result, and it is absolutely critical not to miss any step involved. We have many volunteers who are efficient and completely equipped to ace this challenging role and do their job with utmost perfection.

Mr. Jalal Khan, from Mumbai (India), is a healthcare professional, volunteering his unwavering support to DATRI for four years now. He has handled Product Transport for DATRI.

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DATRI Connect March 2023 Edition


I am very happy to share my experience of interning with DATRI. The lifesaving mission of DATRI has been the driving force that inspired me to join and contribute to the noble cause of saving the lives of so many patients suffering from blood cancers and life-threatening blood disorders. I was involved in creating awareness through the Rotary clubs at various colleges in Mumbai. DATR India’s largest Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry is constantly working towards registering potential blood stem cell donors and acting as a ray of hope and happiness for many people. I am really glad and proud to be a part of this wonderful not-for-profit organization. Act Now Gift A Life, register yourself with DATRI, and be a lifesaver

Afeefa Fatima

Post Graduate student in KC College (Mumbai)

I have been volunteering with DATRI ever since its inception in 2009. The first time I volunteered with DATRI’s donor registration drive was when we were finding a match for our teacher’s husband, Mr. Gaurav Tandon. I learned the importance of stem cell donation and its need for the current world. So many years of association with DATRI as a volunteer and as a human was not only blissful but equally insightful. I encouraged many known individuals to register with DATRI as potential donors and ensure they donate when they are a match. Due to a lack of awareness, many people are still unaware of blood stem cell donation and its boon for people suffering from blood cancers and blood disorders. Once we get a match from any of our drives, the satisfaction we get is humungous, and the words “Gifting a Life” then look meaningful. Even though I have spent close to 12 years volunteering with the DATRI, I still feel that there’s still more to learn. Thanks to DATRI for adding more value to my life. It has been 3 years now, I have been running marathons wearing DATRI’s t-shirt, and I am proud of it and would continue to do so in the coming years. I wish good luck to DATRI and its volunteers for years to come ahead and tons of people they would serve in all these years

Abhijeet Prabhu

Senior Sectional Engineer in Indian Railways (Mumbai)

I was part of the NGO named “DATRI”; this NGO works in the health sector as it acts as a lifesaver for patients suffering from blood cancer, thalassemia, rare immunodeficiency disorder, etc. I, along with my two other group members, did content writing for the captions and posters for the posts of the patients to be posted under our campaign page at different social media platforms; it was my first time that I was doing content writing and had an amazing experience, I also learned the importance of teamwork and coordination as it was a group-related task.

Ms. Ishita Goel

Student - Dehradun

Mr. Manish Jaywant Sonawane says, “I still fondly remember my very first donor recruitment camp, that was conducted at a Blood Bank in Nashik. Most of the people there were luckily known to my friends and me. Since they were already regular blood donors, it was not very difficult to explain to them the importance of being a blood stem cell donor. So without having a second thought, they stepped forward and registered as a potential blood stem cell donor with DATRI. However, the scenario is not the same always; we even come across so many people who have no idea about the cause and its importance. So, I put in my sincere efforts to spread maximum awareness and convince everyone and recruit them as potential blood stem cell donors.”

Mr. Manish Jaywant Sonawane

Mr. Jalal Khan says, “Doing Product Transportation gives the feeling of being an Indian Army Officer. They protect our nation and save lives against all odds; similarly, we protect the blood stem cells and carefully transport them from one place to another to save a life too. Every successful attempt of Product Transport makes me feel more responsible, humble and proud of serving a great purpose in my life. I also thank Dev for being my pillar of strength and support whenever we require his help and assistance for this purposeful cause.”

Mr. Jalal Khan

Mumbai - India

Mr. Amit Joag Says, “I was introduced to DATRI through a friend, who had taken their help for an HLA donor match for her little son’s cancer treatment. We live in a world now where DATA is the king & honestly, I was surprised that DATRI is one of the very few organizations maintaining such a life-saving database of blood stem cell donors registry in India. Didn’t need a further trigger for me to do what I could. To keep things simple, it’s just two steps. First, register yourself as a donor, and secondly, encourage others to do so. Monetarily, TATA Mumbai Marathon indeed provided a welcome platform to reach out to others willing to donate, so I thank them for their support. My best wishes to DATRI and their volunteers to help them reach their audience.”

Mr. Amit Joag