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Every drop of water matters! With this, each and every volunteer who participates and dedicates themselves to DATRI adds great value and importance to our mission of saving many lives.

India has seen a dip in the number of cases for Covid-19, but the number of cases for various blood-related disorders and blood cancers is still on the rise. We thank the unconditional support of all the volunteers rendered to us even during the difficult times of the pandemic outbreak.

We appeal for more volunteers to step forward and contribute in every little way you can, to spread and create awareness amongst the youth of India to come forward, register with us at DATRI and save a life. We at DATRI can make a difference only if we are united and together with you

‘Dear Volunteers’; through your support, we can add more days, more happiness to those suffering from blood cancer and struggling to find a blood stem cell donor.

 LIsten to our Volunteers

Mr. Sehaj Bajaj

I have been interning at DATRI for 2 months and it’s been transformative experience. Volunteering here lets me contribute to a cause with immense significance and has filled me with fulfillment and compassion, teaching me valuable lessons in teamwork, empathy and perseverance. Being part of this mission to find genetically matched blood stem cell donors gives me profound sense of purpose. I am grateful to support this noble cause bringing hope and healing to those in need.

Sehaj Bajaj, Student, B.Tech , UPES, Dehradun

Mr. Shrey Sharma

Was placed as a student intern in DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry for my summer internship.

During my internship with DATRI, I witnessed the dedication with which the staff of DATRI were working in their mission to save lives of those suffering from blood cancer and disorders. I understood the importance of blood stem cell donation and , I connected with many potential donors and how they have stepped forward to gift lives. Additionally, I actively participated in awareness camps, spreading crucial information about how a simple act of donation can save countless lives worldwide.

Shrey Sharma, Student, B. Tech, UPES, Dehradun

Ms. Naveensri

Volunteering at DATRI has been an incredibly transformative experience. It has provided me with the opportunity to contribute to a cause that holds profound significance in the lives of countless patients. I have actively supported DATRI’s mission and witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact of this organization work. This journey has not only facilitated my personal growth but has also instilled within me a deep sense of fulfilment and compassion. I am grateful to be a part of such a meaningful endeavor.

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