Garima got to know her diagnosis of Mixed Phenotypic Acute Leukemia in December 2016. She was shocked and felt her life would go blurry. Her doctor had prescribed a bone marrow/blood stem cell transplant. But they had to find an HLA matched donor. None in her family was a match. She finally found her Superhero through DATRI in the form of Gurumoorthi.

She underwent the transplant in the year 2017 and got her new wings to fly. “Heartfelt thanks to the Donor who donated a Life to me. Today I am living my second life and all gratitude to the donor” said Garima after meeting her Donor for the first time.

Gurumoorthi had registered as a Blood Stem Cell donor in Masonic Clinic in Coimbatore in the month of October 2016. Meeting Garima he said “I did not have any second thoughts on donation when I heard from DATRI that I am a match. I knew registered to save a life. I understand the pain as my cousin too needed a blood stem cell transplant. Hence, I immediately accepted to donate” said, Guru. Gurumoorthi’s wife and mother were happy to meet Garima and blessed her with eternal good health. In Garima, they found Guru’s sister whom they lost at a very young age.

Gurumoorthi (Donor – Right)
Garima Saraswat (Recipient – Left) 

21-Feb-2018 | Delhi


Gayathri Gunarajan, an Interior Designer from Hyderabad was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia just three months after giving birth to her first son. She found a match in 2015 and underwent a blood stem cell transplant.
When she met her donor Sivakumar, she had uncontrollable tears and went speechless to express her gratitude for him. “He has gifted my son his mother back to him “said Gayathri Gunarajan.
Siva Kumar Meenakshisundaram was a team Lead in Scope International in Chennai when he registered in 2013 as a blood stem cell donor.
He was quite emotional when he met Gayathri’s son and shared his feelings by giving him a tight hug and a small gift as a token of love. Gaythri fondly calls her donor ‘anna’, a blood true brother indeed.
Sivakumar Meenakshisundaram (Donor – Right)
Gayathri Gunaranjan (Recipient – Left)

23-Jul-2016 | Bangalore


Little Fateh was suffering from Thalassemia and couldn’t find a matched donor in his family. An unrelated donor from DATRI was found to be a match for him and the donor donated his bone marrow in 2016.

One year post transplant, Little Fateh and his entire family eagerly waited to meet the Hero of their Life.

“He gave back our Little Champ andwe are desperately waiting to meet the donor. We know nothing about the person, but the only thing we want to do is hug the him/her tightly and say We Love You…!” said Fateh’s loving family members.

Naval was a 26 year old corporate employee who registered as ablood stem dell Donor in 2015 was luckily found as a match in 2016.

“I never imagined that I will get to save somebody’s life. In the balance of saving a Life and thinking about myself, Ithink saving a life was heavier and more important. It also feels so nice to meet somebody who is in some way a part of me and share a deep connection.’’ said Naval after meeting Fateh.

Naval Chaudhary (Donor – Right)
Fateh Singh (Recipient – Left)

18-May-2017 | Bangalore


Shreemali Balasooriya is a 7 yr old Srilankan girl diagnosed with Thalassemia while she was just 2 months old. She underwent a blood stem cell transplant in 2017.
The little girl is a keen dancer and wants to become a doctor when she grows up.
In 2013, Dr.Kanmani registered as a Donor in a camp held in her Medical College & preserved the Donor registration card in her wallet with the thought that she will wait & watch if God would really choose her. Finally her wishes were fulfilled in 2017 when she was called to donate for a patient suffering from Thalassemia.
She is the first woman blood stem cell donor from Kerala who donated a day before her College Graduation Day skipping all the celebrations.
“That was an emotional and divine moment. It was my blood flowing in her body now. There is no pain & side effects after donation. The only side effect is all the Hugs & Kisses from the recipient“ said Dr.Kanmani.
She also encouraged her juniors to come forward to register and wait for their golden opportunity to save a life.
Kanmani (Donor – Left)
K-Shreemali Balasooriya (Recipient – Right)
DRM-3-May-2018 | Kochi

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