DATRI is a Unrelated Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry and a not for profit organization and operates with the support of our Donors, Volunteers, Medical Fraternity and Educational institutions like you. We have already collaborated with colleges PAN India and are actively looking for more participation from colleges. The student community is the backbone of our growth and we wish to strengthen to save more lives.

  • Being our College partner will help you to portray your part in our Lifesaving mission.
  • It will also help you to enhance your credibility among the educational community.
  • Help you reach a diverse audience and make them understand how socially responsible your institution is!

Unleash the student power and help DATRI conduct a drive in your college. We have conducted mass drives in the colleges across the country and we always had a great support from the student and staffs of the college.

If you feel you can help us in conducting a donor drive in your college, please free to get in touch with us.

Contact +91 7305791999 and Email to