Indian communities have always showcased solidarity in calamity situations. But have you heard of our communities come together for a lifesaving cause?! Yes most of our Indian communities have been part of DATRI’s donor search. We had conducted drives with Sikh, Malayalee, Parsietc communities all over the world to save a life. Who knows, your friends, family or neighbours can may also be the potential match for a patient who is looking for a second chance at life from your own community. You can extend your nobility among your neighbourhood, DATRI will help you to conduct a drive in your community, which is a lifesaving cause.

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Gurudwara Shri Dasmesh Darbar

State : Maharastra
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Shree Madhavanand Ashram

State : Gujrat
Official Website :

St. Mary Magdalene Church

State : Maharastra
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