BLOOD STEM CELLS are found in bone marrow. These are the mother cells that produce blood components such as RBC, WBC, Platelets and Plasma. A patient with serious blood disorders have a blood stem cell transplant from a healthy donor can replace the diseased cells in a patient and give a second chance at life.

If You Are Found To Be A Match

Verification of Match

A small sample of blood is collected to verify the HLA typing.

Master Health Checkup

Blood Stem Cell Transplant

A series of tests are done to ensure the donor is fit and does not have any infectious diseases like Hepatitis B,HIV etc.


Blood Stem Cell Donation

The donor will donate blood stem cells either by PBSC or Bone Marrow Donation methods whichever, discussed and consented for. The donor will have the right to choose his/her preferred method of donation in consultation with a transplant physician.


Blood Stem Cell Transplant

DATRI arranges to transport the blood stem cells to the patient anywhere in the world.

Blood Stem Cells Can Be Donated In Two Methods

PBSC Donation

Blood Stem Cell Donation

Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation – The process used for 80% of donations across the world. It is similar to a blood platelets donation. Blood from one arm is let to flow into an Apheresis machine, the blood stem cells are separated and remaining blood components like RBC, WBC, etc are sent back into the donor.

Bone Marrow Donation


Bone Marrow Donation – This is a traditional method that is in practice for more than 40 years. Bone marrow is extracted from the iliac crest (hip bone) under general anesthesia and requires one day hospital stay.

For more information on the Steam Cell
Donation Process, Download Donor Guide E-book