I have registered myself as a bone marrow donor, fully aware of the potential impact it can have on someone’s life. When my own son, a promising engineering student, was diagnosed with blood cancer, our world turned upside down. We sought treatment at various esteemed medical centers, from Apollo Medics in Lucknow to CMC Vellore, Tata Memorial in Mumbai, and Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in Delhi. Despite trying every possible avenue, it became evident that a Bone Marrow Transplant was the only chance for my son’s survival.

We were directed to DATRI, the largest registry of bone marrow donors in Vellore, with the hope of finding a 10/10 match for my son. Although we registered with the registry, we struggled to find a proper match due to the limited awareness about bone marrow donation in India. In desperation, we proceeded with a 7/10 match from my younger son, as we couldn’t find a perfect match in time.

 Tragically, my son’s life couldn’t be saved, and he passed away on 31 May 2020.

 This painful experience has made me acutely aware of the lack of awareness and donors for bone marrow transplantation in India. The shortage of donors often results in compromised treatment for patients suffering from various types of cancer and thalassemia.

Had we found a full 10/10 match for my son, his chances of survival would have been significantly higher. I now believe that increasing awareness about bone marrow donation is crucial to improving the odds for patients in need. As someone who has personally experienced the devastating impact of insufficient donors, I strongly advocate for more people to get registered with bone marrow registries. Together, we can bring hope to those facing similar situations, increasing their chances of finding the right match and receiving a new lease on life.

Let us join hands and spread the word about bone marrow donation, saving lives and bringing hope to countless families facing the challenges of cancer and other life-threatening conditions.