“I feel so privileged to have got the opportunity to add donors to DATRI’s registry and it has added a meaning to my life.” This is how Ram Kishan opens up about his association and voluntary work with DATRI. 

Ram Kishan, hailing from Anupgarh in Rajasthan, embarked on a journey with DATRI in 2021, prompted by the urgent need for a donor for his daughter, diagnosed with Thalassemia Major. There was only a 9/10 match from DATRI, there wasn’t an ideal match available. This ordeal opened Ram Kishan’s eyes to the critical need for more individuals to register as blood stem cell donors. He realized that increasing the registry’s diversity is pivotal for improving the chances of finding matching blood stem cell donors. The probability of finding a match within the family is only 25%. As per ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) 1 in 10,000 to 1 in over a million is the possibility of finding an unrelated matched donor. The statistics clearly reveals the rarity of finding an unrelated matched donor, emphasizing the need for a larger, more diverse donor pool. 

Though Ram Kishan could not find a donor for his daughter, Vamshikha, his spirit remained unbroken. Motivated by the belief that he could contribute to aiding others in finding a matching blood stem cell donors, he decided to volunteer for DATRI. Despite his responsibilities as a temporary worker at the electricity board, he devoted his available time to raise awareness and organize donor recruitment drives in his state. 

Ram Kishan’s accomplishment goes beyond numbers. Having registered over 2000 potential donors, with two among them successfully donating their blood stem cells, he has directly contributed to saving lives. His daughter, Vamshikha, is yet to find a match, but this personal challenge has only strengthened his resolve to make a difference in the lives of others facing similar situations. He shares, “my daughter Vamshikha’s health condition   has helped me to join this mission to save lives. I am really blessed that I can make a difference in the lives of those people facing a situation like me.” 

In the face of adversity, Ram Kishan’s selfless determination is truly commendable. Through his dedicated efforts, he continues to support DATRI in expanding the donor registry, adding hope to countless lives. His unwavering commitment, despite his own struggles, remains a source of inspiration for all. 

If you wish to join this noble cause, you can contribute by registering as a potential donor or supporting the quest to find donors at https://datri.org/join/. Every addition to the registry increases the chances of saving lives, not just for Ram Kishan’s daughter but for countless others awaiting a lifeline. Your support could be the ray of hope someone desperately needs.