In the quiet town of Dasuya, nestled in the heart of the Hoshiarpur district in Punjab, 34-year-old Parvinder Singh stands out as a beacon of selflessness and compassion. A taxi driver by profession, Parvinder has not only donated blood over 30 times but also took the leap to donate his blood stem cells, showcasing his unwavering commitment to saving lives.

The journey began in 2019 when DATRI, organized a recruitment drive in Dasuya. Intrigued by the opportunity to make a difference, Parvinder attended the awareness session and registered as a stem cell donor. Reflecting on that decision, he shares, “When I registered as a donor, I didn’t fully understand the process. What mattered to me was the chance to save someone’s life.”

In a heart-warming turn of events in 2022, Parvinder received a call from DATRI counsellor Anuradha Tandon, informing him that he was a full match for an 18-year-old boy who was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer. Without hesitation, Parvinder accepted to donate his blood stem cells, even though it meant temporarily pausing his taxi service for two to three days. Supported by his family – his wife and two children – Parvinder embarked on a journey to Ludhiana for the life-saving donation.

After the successful donation, Parvinder resumed his job routine, driving more than 450 kilometres from Ludhiana to Delhi and back to his hometown in Punjab. Anuradha fondly recalls Parwinder’s magnanimity during the donation, stating, “When the doctors faced challenges identifying his vein, Parvinder reassured them that he would return the next day if necessary. He never once considered the potential loss of wages, a truly overwhelming gesture.”

But Parvinder’s altruism did not stop there. Today, he actively raises awareness about blood stem cell donation, playing a pivotal role in organizing a donor recruitment drive for the Punjab Taxi Operators Union. Thanks to his efforts, 69 potential donors were registered, furthering the mission of saving lives.

DATRI acknowledges and values Parvinder’s significant contribution, extending a heartfelt shout-out to him for his dedication to this life-saving mission. Parvinder Singh, the hero behind the wheel, continues to inspire others with his selfless acts, proving that a single individual can make an immense impact on the lives of those in need.

Sahaya Teresa, Head-Marketing & Communication, DATRI