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Light Up a Life Challenge

Why just burn crackers this Diwali, when you can burn more calories this festive season?

DATRI Light Up A Life Challenge is a virtual challenge which also supports a life saving cause!

Venue: Your Comfortable Place
Timings: Your Feasible Timings
Duration: 1st November 2019 to 30th November 2019

Event Name: DATRI Light Up a Life Challenge 2019
Registration: Closes on November 10, 2019
Duration: Nov 1, 2019 to Nov 30, 2019
Registration Fee: Rs. 399/-
Location: Anywhere in the world.
Registration Incl: Medal and Printed Certificate

Event Categories:
Walking/Running – 50 km | 100 km | 150 m | 200 km
Cycling –  300 Km | 500 km | 750 km | 1000 km


Whether you are a beginner seeking motivation or an avid fitness freak, you can be a part of this challenge.

What is the challenge?

DATRI Light Up a Life Challenge’: You can choose to Cycle or Walk or Run as your fitness preference. There are four categories in each activity and you can select your preferred distance to cover, at the time of registration and complete it within the event duration.

Event Categories:

1) Walking/Running – 50 km | 100 km | 150 m | 200 km
2) Cycling – 300 Km | 500 km | 750 km | 1000 km

How to Join?

Click here to complete the registration process. Registration fee is Rs 399/- (This registration fee will be directed towards DATRI’s lifesaving cause)

What is the duration of the Challenge?

November 1st to November 30th 2019. Any activities started before and after these stipulated dates will not be considered as part of the challenge.

How DATRI tracks the progress?

# The participant must download Strava App and join ‘DATRI Light Up a Life’ club
# Update the application everyday during the challenge
# Also, you have to share your daily progress in Social Media tagging @datriworld

Who can join?

Age no bar! Yes you heard it right, anyone who is interested and medically declared as fit to be a part of any fitness activity can take up this challenge.

How can you participate?

Walk/Run or cycle anywhere in the world! It’s a virtual challenge, so you can participate at the comfort of your place.

What are the rewards?

A medal, certificate and the satisfaction of being part of a lifesaving mission.

The Medal & Certificate will be couriered to your address within India. Indians staying in other parts of the world, who take up this challenge, must provide an address in India to receive the medal and certificate. Last not least, the best reward you get is a chance to be part of a lifesaving mission.

rules and regulations

1. Age no bar for the challenge.

2. Participants enrolled for this challenge will have to complete their task in 30 days, within the mentioned duration

3. Run/walk/cycle anywhere, anytime, with any pace.

4. Please ensure to always track your activity with the aid of Strava app in your phone/watch. Snapshot or link to your target achieved is essential for verification.

5. You should join ‘DATRI Light up a life challenge’ club in Strava App.

6. Single or multiple runs/cycling sessions are accepted for same date.

7. Once you have completed your challenge you have to post you activity link, screenshots and photos with your name on DATRI Facebook event page.

8. Any post after Nov 30 2019 in Facebook event page will not be considered.

9. You should tag @datriworld and #LightUpaLife, while you are posting your screenshots and photos of completed task.

10. Posting your progress on 10th, 20th and 30th day of the event is mandatory, without which you will be disqualified from the challenge.

11. If you are not a user of Facebook, request you to email us the images, so that we will post on your behalf.