Kamal Kant, the cheerful 18-year-old from Ferozepur, Punjab, has recently achieved a remarkable feat that has brought immense pride to his village, Golu Ka Mor. Kamal, with a heart as light as his spirit, has become one of the youngest blood stem cell donors, carrying this noble act with grace.

Kamal’s journey began when he registered at a donor recruitment drive organized by DATRI for a blood cancer patient at his school. Intrigued by the concept of stem cell donation, he attentively absorbed the information provided during the awareness session and decided to become a potential donor, driven by the simple thought of doing something good for others.

In less than six months, Kamal received a life-changing call from Anuradha Tandon, the DATRI coordinator, informing him that he was a perfect match for a girl battling blood cancer. The opportunity to gift a life was presented to Kamal, and without hesitation, he readily agreed to donate his blood stem cells. However, his parents initially had reservations and discouraged him from proceeding with the donation.

Anuradha’s intervention proved instrumental; she visited Kamal’s home and patiently explained DATRI’s mission and the chance for them to be part of a lifesaving act. Eventually, Kamal’s parents embraced the idea and gave their blessings to go ahead with the donation.

Throughout the donation process, Kamal displayed remarkable maturity and practicality, driven by the single-minded purpose of saving the patient’s life. When asked about his feelings regarding the donation, he humbly stated, “I received an opportunity, and I seized it. If everyone steps forward to donate, the world can be free from blood cancer.”

Kamal wholeheartedly praised DATRI for their lifesaving work and expressed gratitude for the opportunity they provided him to gift a life. With plans to pursue an electronic course and build a career in this field, Kamal Kant is embarking on the next phase of his life. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to Kamal Kant as he continues to be a beacon of hope and inspiration in Golu Ka Mor and beyond!