Thanigasalam Arumugam from Histogenetics India Pvt Ltd has been working as a system administrator for the past ten years. In 2013, when DATRI organised a Blood Stem Cell donor registration drive in their office, he registered himself as a potential blood stem cell donor. Little did he know that he would be found as a perfect matched unrelated donor for a patient after so many years. He has participated in all blood donation camps organised in his college. Ever since he registered with DATRI, he has been eagerly waiting to be that one in a million donor to gift a life to someone who needs his help. Thanigasalam says, “My first inspiration to donate my blood stem cells came from my very own colleague who willingly donated his blood stem cells to gift a second chance at life to a patient. I felt extremely blessed when I came to know that DATRI found me as a potential match donor for a patient.” 

After confirming Thanigasalam as a potential match for a patient, a DATRI representative began explaining the entire process of blood stem cell donation. His entire family, friends and colleagues supported him towards his noble deed of helping a patient in need. The next step was to do a complete body check-up for Thanigasalam. The following weeks later, we connected to him and began the Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor (GCSF) injections, which produces granulocytes and stem cells and releases them into the bloodstream. A phlebotomist gave him GCSF injections for the next five days. Thanigasalam said, “I had slight back pain, felt feverish and had a mild headache during these days, but when I thought about the patient and giving him a second chance to save his life, the pain is much more tolerable and acceptable to me.”

We monitored the blood stem cell counts for Thanigasalam every day. We went to the hospital on the collection day and started the blood stem cell donation procedures. After the collection, the donor described his true feelings of how one feels after gifting a life to a patient who has been waiting for their one in a million donor. Thanigasalam says, “To date, I feel this is the biggest achievement of my life! I have always donated Blood, but today I donated my Blood Stem Cells to save someone. I request you to join DATRI in its lifesaving mission to find a potential match donor for all blood cancer and life-threatening blood disorder patients. I also thank Histogenetics for their support and encouragement to join and register with DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry. It takes less than five minutes to register with DATRI online. Be a lifesaver!”

About DATRI: 

DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry, a not-for-profit organisation, has facilitated 900 Blood Stem Cell Donations to date. The journey began in the year 2009 to find unrelated matched donors for patients with leukaemia, Thalassemia or blood disorders whose life is dependent on an unrelated donor to survive. DATRI, India’s largest Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry, has more than 4,66,927 donors registered. DATRI is working towards creating a wide and diverse database of potential Blood Stem Cell Donors that can be accessed by any patient living anywhere in the world in need of a Blood Stem Cell Donation. Any healthy individual between the age of 18 years to 50 years can register as a blood stem cell donor with DATRI and potentially become a lifesaver when they’re found to be a match for a fatal blood disorder patient.