32-year-old Rajendra Kumar from Churu, Rajasthan recently made a significant contribution to humanity by donating his blood stem cells to a patient battling blood cancer. More than this act of selflessness is his remarkable decision to conduct a donor recruitment drive at his residence during the ritual for his late brother. Despite the somber atmosphere of the mourning ceremony, Rajendra Kumar felt compelled to honor his brother’s memory by potentially saving lives. When asked about this unusual choice, he responded, “My late brother would only be happier to know that in his death, 200 people have the hope for a new birth.”

Expressing his longstanding desire to contribute to the welfare of others, Rajendra Kumar explained that he had always wanted to do something meaningful. The decision to hold a donor registration drive during his brother’s memorial service seemed fitting, and the support he received from his family and village members made the initiative seamlessly fall into place.

Rajendra Kumar serves as a pilot with the 108 Ambulance under the Rajasthan government. He views his profession as another form of service to humanity and expresses gratitude for the path that led him to such a fulfilling job.

Highlighting his commitment to helping others, Rajendra Kumar mentioned that he has donated blood three times, with the first donation being for a college batch mate who was fighting for his life. Supported by his family, he continues to actively participate in endeavors aimed at saving lives.

When asked about meeting the recipient of his recent blood stem cell donation, Rajendra Kumar, with humility, stated, “I am looking forward, but I can wait until the patient recovers completely.” His patience and selfless perspective underscore the depth of his commitment to making a positive impact on others’ lives.

As Rajendra Kumar concludes, he leaves a poignant message for readers: “We have one life to live, and when we get a chance to save a life, we must just stand up and do what is right.” His story serves as an inspiring reminder of the transformative power of compassion and the ability of one individual to make a difference in the lives of many.

Sahaya Teresa
Head – Marketing and Communications