In a heartwarming celebration of the invaluable gift of life through a Blood Stem Cell donation, DATRI and Kiran Super Specialty Hospital in Surat organized a Donor and Recipient Meet in Surat on 27th December, 2023.. This event provided a unique platform for donors and recipients to share their thoughts and feelings, while also encouraging more individuals to step forward and donate stem cells, thereby making a life-changing difference for people battling various blood cancers and disorders.

Aman Goel and his wife Ruby Goel were overcome with emotions when they witnessed their son’s lifesaver, Kalpeshbhai, who had donated his blood stem cells to Aadivk Goel take the stage at the Donor Recipient Meet. Their hearts were full as they struggled to find words to express their gratitude. They humbly said, “Our son can now cherish life because of your remarkable generosity. Thank you for being our son’s savior.”

In the second case Nimesh got to meet his recipient Aanav Agarwal who is now cured of Thalassemia Major. Anav’s parents Ankit and Saakshi were overwhelmed to meet their son’s donor and shared that Nimesh is a godsent angel for their son.

Dr. Mehul Panchal, Director of Medical Services at Kiran Super Specialty Hospital, inaugurated the event and expressed his joy in witnessing patients recover from life-threatening diseases. Kiran Super Specialty Hospital has successfully conducted over several Bone Marrow and Blood Stem Cell Transplants, with DATRI playing a crucial role in sourcing donors through their extensive database.

Dr. Hasmukh R. Balar, Haematologist & BMT Physician, underscored the need for greater awareness about stem cell donation, stating, “Compared to the Western world, Indian stem cell registries have relatively significantly fewer registered donors. This makes it challenging to find an HLA-matched donor for patients in need. Currently, only 10-15% of patients find a match in India, compared to 70% for patients in the United States. We must work collectively to create awareness about stem cell donation and the vital role donors play.”