In 2022, at the College of Engineering in Thalassery, Kerala, DATRI-India’s largest Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry conducted a donor drive that would forever change the life of Sandra Keloth. A second-year college student at the time, Sandra and her friends registered as potential blood stem cell donors. Little did she know that this seemingly small act of kindness would lead to a life-altering opportunity.

Fast forward to July 2023, Sandra received a call from DATRI, informing her that she was a rare match for someone battling blood cancer. Her heart swelled with joy knowing that she had the chance to be a savior for a stranger. When asked if she hesitated, Sandra’s response was swift and unwavering: “No, I immediately agreed to go ahead and donate, but told them I need to share this with my parents.” DATRI’s team explained their life-saving mission and how Sandra held the power to gift a life by donating Blood Stem Cells. Sandra’s parents were wholeheartedly supportive, granting their blessing for the noble endeavor.

Despite her impending final exams, which were scheduled close together, Sandra remained resolute in her decision to proceed with the donation. She expressed, “I knew that I held the power to give someone a chance to live, and at that moment, my exams took a backseat compared to that person’s life.”

Today, Sandra is in her final year and is eagerly awaiting campus placements. Her college journey will conclude on an incredibly fulfilling note, beyond her wildest dreams. Sandra, as an only daughter, had always longed for a sibling, and her selfless donation brought her a newfound connection – a long-lost brother. Sandra reflects on the interconnectedness of the world, stating, “I found my long-lost brother in the most unexpected way.” She eagerly awaits the day when she can meet her blood stem cell recipient and shares her anticipation, saying, “I will be overjoyed to see my brother, and perhaps words will fail me when we finally meet.”

In closing, Sandra extends her heartfelt gratitude to DATRI for allowing her to be a part of this beautiful and life-saving mission. Her story is a testament to the profound impact that one person’s selflessness can have on the life of another.