Blood stem cell donation, a life-saving act, is a noble contribution to healthcare that has gained significant attention globally. The reasons for donating blood stem cells is to give a new lease of life to someone suffering from blood cancer, and when combined with benefits like tax exemptions, as provided by organizations like DATRI in India, the incentive to donate becomes even more compelling.

DATRI facilitates blood stem cell donations that serve as a lifeline for many patients for whom, a blood stem cell transplant is their only chance of survival. The beauty of blood stem cell donation lies in its ability to regenerate and repair damaged tissue in the recipient, offering a real possibility of cure and extended life.

Secondly, the process of blood stem cell donation has evolved to become less invasive and more donor-friendly. Peripheral blood stem cell collection, for instance, is a non-surgical procedure that is safe and relatively painless. This accessibility encourages more people to consider donation, knowing that the process is manageable and the impact monumental.

The uniqueness of blood stem cells also means that finding a matching donor can be extremely challenging, especially for minority groups. This rarity underscores the importance of a diverse donor pool that DATRI is effectively building. By promoting the cause of donating blood stem cells, individuals contribute to bridging the gap in the availability of matching donors, particularly for ethnic minorities who often struggle to find matches due to underrepresentation in global registries.

In India, I am very impressed with organizations such as DATRI who not only facilitate blood stem cell donation and giving the chance to gift a life but also offer the opportunity for tax exemptions when making a financial contribution. This financial benefit, although secondary to the altruistic motive, serves as an added encouragement.

I also advocate for volunteering with organizations like DATRI by physically volunteering for the cause, donating blood stem cells or as small as making a financial donation. Volunteers get involved in awareness campaigns, donor recruitment drives, and community outreach programs. This involvement not only fosters a sense of community and shared purpose but also raises awareness about the critical need for blood stem cell donors.

Blood stem cell donation is a selfless act of giving that yield profound impacts on the lives of recipients. The tax exemptions and volunteering opportunities offered by organizations like DATRI are additional incentives that make the decision to donate both satisfying and rewarding. By choosing to donate blood stem cells, individuals make a significant contribution to the global healthcare landscape, offering hope and a chance at life to those in dire need.

I have made my donation and availed tax exemption, and I hope many will step in for a good cause as this. Link for making your tax-saving donation:

Saadia Azim is a senior journalist and an author who passionately follows the development sector.