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Often, the things close to us are overlooked. Every day you meet patients and their families looking for a cure / a matched donor. You hear stories about how no one from the family is a match, and you see the disappointment when a matched unrelated donor is not found. We all know the reality, but can we change it? Can we be the change harbinger? A lot of doctors reading this would be registered donors, if not with DATRI, then other registries. Most of you probably registered during your training days. But how many spouses and families are registered?

A couple of years ago, during one of our drives, I met the spouse of a BMT physician – also a doctor, who had not registered…. It was just a case of I shall do, but it kept getting postponed. I immediately got a form filled and took the swab sample. She was a match for a patient and donated before the year ended! We do not know why someone is a match and someone else is not. It seems the almighty has his algorithm, which humans have not deciphered as yet.

Another doctor registered because she wanted to lead from the front; she wanted to show the families of the children that it was safe. The almighty smiled at her, and she was the first match from that drive! These are people from your community and fraternity. So help spread the message to people near and dear ones and get registered in your contact sphere today!

To register, log onto DATRI and make take book your seat in the lucky draw of becoming a match for someone in need!

About DATRI:

DATRI is a Not-for-Profit organization founded in 2009 with a mission to save lives of those suffering from life-threatening Fatal blood disorders like Blood Cancer, Thalassemia, Leukemia, Aplastic Anemia, Sickle Cell Anaemia, etc.

DATRI is registered with the Government of India as a Section 8 organization, and all monetary contributions towards DATRI are subject to 80G exemptions


About the Author:

Sumati Misra, working as Head – Counselling and Transplant Centre Management. I have over 26 years of extensive and rich blend of corporate and development sector experience. I enjoy reading, watching movies and travelling. I have been with DATRI for 4 years (joined on 1st Sep 🙂 )