“I knew I had a job to do, and I just went about doing it,” nonchalantly shared 23-year-old Abhishek Babu Nair, reflecting on his bone marrow donation. It all began during his first year of college in 2019 when DATRI set up a donor registration camp at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, in collaboration with NSS NIT-C. The camp was organized to find a matching blood stem cell donor for one of the alumina of NIT-C. Intrigued by the urging DATRI representatives to register as a potential Blood Stem Cell Donor and help patients suffering from blood cancer and blood disorders, Abhishek signed up without much thought.

In 2021, NSS team of his college informed Abhishek that he was a match for a patient suffering from Thalassemia Major and asked if he would be willing to proceed with the donation. Without hesitation, he affirmed his commitment. Shortly after, he received a call from Athulya at DATRI, who provided him with all the necessary information about the donation process. Prior to Abhishek more than 10 students of NIT-C campus had already donated their blood stem cells through DATRI.  Abhishek spoke with the donors and was convinced of the donation. He also took it upon himself to do his homework, researching blood stem cell donation and reassuring himself of its safety.

Initially, the request was for a Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) Donation in which the donor donates his or her blood stem cells in a procedure similar to blood platelet donation.  While Abhishek was proceeding with the medical formalities, that is health checkup etc. the doctors added that the patient required a bone marrow donation. Abhishek keeping in mind the recipient’s need, did not even once hesitate to rethink and confidently went ahead with the bone marrow donation.  

Abhishek shared his decision to do a bone marrow donation with his parents. While supportive, his mother double-checked and emphasized the importance of ensuring the procedure’s safety before proceeding. With the backing of his parents, Abhishek traveled to Chennai in December 2022 with his college mate and best friend for the donation formalities. He fondly remembers DATRI’s overwhelming helpfulness and their exceptional hosting, cherishing those memories.

Abhishek became the first person from NIT-C who has donated his bone marrow and gift a life. He also joins as the 7th person from the state to make such a donation and has set an example to all future donors with his noble act.

What truly warms the heart about Abhishek is his lack of curiosity regarding the identity of the patient. He beautifully expresses, “I am not helping one person but a whole lot of people who are associated with the patient.” Recognizing DATRI as the bridge between the donor and the patient, Abhishek remains forever indebted to the organization for providing him with a life-changing opportunity.

Abhishek is aware that that both the donor and the recipient can meet after one year of the transplant provided both of them consent to meet. He adds that if the patient wishes to meet him, he would be more than happy to oblige, considering it a true blessing. In this regard, Abhishek exemplifies a super cool and chilled-out donor. Having completed his degree at NIT, Calicut, he has been successfully placed in a company in Bangalore through campus placement.  Abhishek’s college life has undoubtedly offered him a life-giving opportunity.

We extend our best wishes to Abhishek Babu Nair in all his future endeavors!