Abhijeet Prabhu, a dedicated employee of the Railways, is not just passionate about his job but also about making a meaningful impact in the lives of those battling blood cancer and disorders. This January 21, he will lace up his running shoes for the prestigious Tata Mumbai Marathon, dedicating his miles to the cause championed by DATRI.

When questioned about his choice of DATRI, Abhijeet responded with conviction, stating, “DATRI is the beacon of hope for thousands grappling with blood cancer and disorders. As an athlete I aim to leverage my participation to raise awareness and encourage more individuals to register as blood stem cell donors.”

Abhijeet’s journey with DATRI began in 2009 when he joined as a volunteer. Since then, he has actively participated in over 100 running events, contributing to recruitment drives and fundraising efforts. His commitment is deeply rooted in a personal experience during college when a teacher’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. Abhijeet and his classmates rallied together, conducting drives to find a matching blood stem cell donor.

Reflecting on that pivotal moment, Abhijeet shares, “Understanding the challenges of finding a matching donor ignited a passion within me. Ever since, I’ve been on a mission to convince family and friends to register as donors and spread awareness about DATRI.”

As a volunteer, Abhijeet has witnessed the impact of blood stem cell donations firsthand. “Having seen the struggles of those afflicted with blood cancer, I believe that every step I take in this marathon adds a ray of hope to someone’s life. Moreover, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to donate my blood stem cells, eagerly awaiting that call from DATRI, confirming, ‘You are found to be a match.'”

Join Abhijeet Prabhu in his marathon journey with DATRI, as he runs not just for the finish line but for the chance to bring hope and healing to those in need.

Link: https://www.unitedwaymumbai.org/fundraiser/21663