“Sachin Kumar is a boy with immense grit and willpower, with a positive outlook to life, it is commendable on how a child who went through a major transplant did so well and came out with flying colors. “this is how Dr. Manas Kalra, Pediatric Hematologist , describes the young boy who underwent a blood stem cell transplant recently at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi.

When Sachin was in the 8th standard, he frequently fell ill. He was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and the doctors in his hometown, Dhanbad in Jharkhand advised the boy’s father to take him to Delhi for treatment.

In Delhi, the doctors informed his family that he required a blood stem cell transplant. Through the hospital, they were connected with DATRI Blood Stem Donors Cell Registry to find a matching donor. Fortunately, Sachin found a suitable match and he underwent the transplant successfully. At the time, he was in the 9th standard, and due to his medical condition, he was unable to attend school for most part of the year and the following year as well. It took time for him to recover, resulting in him missing a significant portion of his school education during both the 9th and 10th grades.

Studying became a challenge for Sachin, as he had to catch up on completed coursework independently. His elder sister did her best to assist him whenever she had the time. He chose not to disclose his medical condition to anyone at school, so he received no special privileges. “I knew that my surgery had taken away my study time, but that didn’t discourage me from working hard and achieving what best I could. My main goal was to make my parents proud.” Said Sachin.

He burned the midnight oil and accomplished a remarkable feat by achieving 96% in his 10th board exams. He humbly acknowledges that his parents have provided unwavering support throughout his journey. Sachin aspires to continue working hard, clear the IIT entrance exam, complete his degree, and secure a well-paid job. He believes that this would be the greatest gift he could give to his parents. Overwhelmed by his son’s performance, his father, Deepak Kumar expresses his immense joy and thankfulness, emphasizing that it was his son’s hard work that ultimately paid off.

When asked about Sachin’s feelings towards his donor, he simply states that the person was godsend, and no words can adequately express his gratitude for the precious gift he has received. Sachin nonchalantly signs off with a sense of optimism, and the belief that one day he will have the opportunity to meet this benevolent individual. He eagerly awaits the chance to personally express the profound impact the donor has had on him and his family.”

DATRI wishes Sachin Kumar all the best in all his future endeavors!