Retirement often brings a sense of limitation, a feeling that opportunities may slip away due to age. That’s how 57 year-old Prakash from Washim, the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra felt not too long ago. However, his perspective changed dramatically when he recently had the privilege of making a blood stem cell donation, offering a second chance at life to a 4-year-old child.

Prakash’s son, diagnosed with thalassemia major, undergoes regular blood transfusions. The hope for a cure lies in finding a matching blood stem cell donor, a search that proved unsuccessful. During a visit to the hospital, where Prakash accompanied his son, he came across a donor recruitment drive by DATRI. Motivated by the belief that even if he couldn’t find a match for his son, he could be a beacon of hope for someone else, Prakash decided to register.

Months later, a call from DATRI Coordinator Vishal informed Prakash that he was a match. Without hesitation, Prakash eagerly inquired about the donation process, showcasing the joy and happiness that fueled his decision to contribute without a second thought.

Undergoing basic tests in his hometown and traveling to Mumbai for additional examinations, Prakash did all that with commitment and notwithstanding the physical discomfort or age-related issues during the process. Throughout the tests he emphasized that any discomfort he endured paled in comparison to what the child affected by blood cancer must be facing. Supported by his wife and three children, Prakash’s family traveled to Mumbai for the donation.

Now, Prakash eagerly follows the progress of his recipient, praying for the child’s well-being. Reflecting on the experience, he expresses immense happiness and satisfaction in being able to make a difference for someone in need. His parting message encourages everyone to register as blood stem cell donors, emphasizing that, age is just a number. “If at 57, I could be a lifesaver, anyone else can too.”

S.Teresa, Head- Marketing & Communications, DATRI