“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”- Elizabeth Andrew

Celebrating 15 years of relentless service, DATRI stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of blood stem cell donation. Since its inception, volunteers have been the driving force behind DATRI’s journey, embodying the spirit of altruism and compassion. Founded in 2009, DATRI has strived to work closely with donors and patients, with volunteers playing a pivotal role every step of the way.From university students to corporate professionals, from social enthusiasts to medical practitioners, DATRI has welcomed volunteers from diverse backgrounds. These unsung heroes have not only dedicated their time but also their hearts to the cause. Remarkably, many volunteers have transitioned into becoming blood stem cell donors themselves, amplifying the impact of DATRI’s mission.

With 738 volunteers having graced DATRI’s journey thus far, the organization continues to thrive with 298 active volunteers spread across 26 states, 6 union territories, and even internationally.Their commitment knows no bounds as they tirelessly work to raise awareness about blood stem cell donation from the grassroots level.

At the core of DATRI’s success lies the unwavering support of its volunteers. They have spearheaded numerous awareness campaigns and drives in colleges, collaborated with corporates to generate leads, counseled potential donors, and mobilized resources by securing funds and sponsorships for HLA tests. Through their efforts, DATRI has emerged as the largest registry in India, saving countless lives in the process.

Moreover, volunteers have left an indelible mark on philanthropic events, such as the Tata Mumbai Marathon, where they ran for a cause and rallied support for DATRI’s mission. Initiatives like Cycling for a Cause and Running for a Cause have further amplified DATRI’s reach, aligning with its overarching vision of facilitating life-saving blood stem cell transplants.

As DATRI embarks on the next phase of its journey, the invaluable contribution of volunteers continues to serve as a guiding light. Their selflessness and dedication epitomize the essence of humanity, reminding us that it is not the amount of time one has, but rather the depth of one’s heart that truly makes a difference.

Farzana Nasreen Ahmed
Manager – Volunteer Management