Time is running out for this child. Register with DATRI to gift Akib a second chance at life.  Two and a half years, Akib, is still waiting for his one in a million donor to step forward and help him. A Blood Stem Cell Transplant will help him survive and lead a near-normal life, but unfortunately, he has not found a matching donor.

He was diagnosed with Thalassemia Major at fourteen months, he is the youngest of three childrenHis father is a driver, and his mother is a homemaker.  Akib’s father and Akib make a round trip of 100kms to get Akib a blood transfusion every two weeks. Sadly, he needs blood transfusions every 15 days, failing which he runs a high fever. His father is the sole earning member, finds it very difficult to run the family and take care of Akib‘s regular transfusions.

At a toddler’s age Akib has been experiencing all that comes as a nightmare to us as even adults. This is just one such story from the many who approach us for a blood stem cell transplant.

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Doctor’s Talk

Dr. Sunil Bhat, Director and Head of Department Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant, Narayana Health City, Bangalore explains the Process of Unrelated Blood Stem Cell Donation & Bone Marrow Donation

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How to fill up the registration form as given below, take the swab sample and send it back to DATRI and take your first step towards gifting a life.