3-year-old Devansh is a happy child who loves watching cartoons and loves playing with his cars. He has been diagnosed with Pure Red Cell Aplasia (PRCA)

Pure red cell aplasia occurs when the body’s bone marrow fails to work properly. The production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to the body is affected, causing anemia. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to the entire body.

He has not let the regular blood transfusions break his grit. He continues to stay determined to fight this and gives his family the strength they need to help him find his cure. In order to grow up into a healthy adult, Devansh needs a Bone Marrow Transplant. His sister is not a match for him and neither are his parents.

He now depends on an unrelated donor like you in order to gift him back his childhood.

    Register Now for Devnash

    This registration form contains a few simple questions that needs to be filled and submitted for blood stem cell donation eligibility. Answer the questions to know if you are eligible to become a donor and submit your application to become a lifesaver.

    1. Check your Eligibility

    1. Do you live in India ?
    2. Are you suffering from HIV, Cancer Or Bleeding disorders ?
    3. Are you between the age group of 18 and 50

    4. Enter your weight in Kg (40kgs to 120kgs only)

    2. Personal & Contact Details

    3. Declaration of Consent

    Your personal data will ONLY be used for finding a matching blood stem cell donor as well as for DATRI to reach out to you with our periodic updates and other relevant information. Our donor database is encrypted and saved in protected servers to ensure confidentiality.
    1. I hereby consent to DATRI using my personal data for sending me the Donor Registration kit consisting of Donor Registration Form, Donor Consent Form, Swab kit.
    2. I consent to provide my data as required by the registration form and am willing to agree with the sections as given in the (Donor consent and declaration form).

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