Paras Mehta, a vibrant 35-year-old IT executive from Rajkot, Gujarat, is bravely battling leukemia, a critical illness. Known for his zest for travel and passion for exploring culinary delights, Paras faces this challenge with resilience and hope. His journey towards recovery hinges on finding a stem cell donor for a crucial bone marrow transplant, a lifeline that could restore him to live a life in all its fullness.

In this trying time, Paras is not alone. Supported by his unwavering family and friends, he stands strong, drawing strength from their love and encouragement. Together, they appeal to the community to rally behind them in their quest for a donor. Their plea extends beyond Paras; it’s a call to action for countless others facing similar battles.

You could be the beacon of hope that Paras and many others like him desperately seek. By registering as a potential blood stem cell donor with DATRI, you open the door to the possibility of saving lives. Your selfless act could make all the difference for Paras or any individual grappling with this challenging condition.

Join DATRI today and embrace the opportunity to give the precious gift of life. Your kindness and generosity has the power to transform despair into hope, and uncertainty into renewed hope. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Take your journey to Gift a Life today

This video will explain you the journey to Gift a Life from Blood stem cell registration to donation.


Doctor’s Talk

Dr.Jose M Easow, Director – Medical Oncology, Hematology & BMT, Apollo Proton Cancer Hospital, Chennai, explains How a donor should prepare himself before a blood stem cell donation.

Swab video

How to fill up the registration form as given below, take the swab sample and send it back to DATRI and take your first step towards gifting a life.