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How to register

Understand the importance of being a potential blood stem cell donor.
Contact us if you have any questions on registration and donation.
Request for a do-it-yourself registration kit, or participate in an awareness session or visit our office closest to you.
Send us a donation of INR 1800 towards your HLA Typing, fill in the application form, read through the consent form and sign them.
Give a cheek swab sample. Sterile cotton buds will be rubbed against two sides of inner cheek. This is simpler than brushing your teeth.
The swabs are sealed in an envelope, all your registration kit contents are bar coded and sent for processing.

It will take 30-45 days to type the HLA. This report will be stored in our registry. Please note, this is only the registration step. Donation may happen anytime between 3 months from the time you register until you turn 60 years or never.


What is HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen)?

Just like it is important to know the blood group or blood type (ABO) while donating blood, it is necessary to know one’s HLA type or the genetic code to match with a patient in need. Only if the HLA type of a potential donor matches closely with that of the patient, one can donate blood stem cells.

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