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The world over will be observing the World Cancer Day on 4th February 2017. The world observes this day to create awareness, educate about the disease, advocate and call on the governments to ensure cancer cure interventions and effectively address it in their health and development programs.  
 Across India, several events will be taking place throughout the week of the World Cancer Day. A sand sculpting event will happen at Juhu beach
Vile Parle, Mumbai on the 3rd of February. Donors who have donated their blood stem cells and saved the lives of those suffering from blood cancer and other fatal blood related disorders will be felicitated in Gujarat, Kerala and Chennai on 1st and 4th of February. A Walkathon themed ‘Walk to gift a life’ will be organised on the 5th of February at Ticel Bio park, Taramani, Chennai. Link to the registration for the Walkathon  Similarly, radio talk shows and awareness sessions in colleges and corporate will be conducted across cities, from South-North-West-East and North East of the country. The main reason behind these events is to create maximum awareness on blood cancer cure and the importance of becoming a blood stem cell donor. Apart from awareness, each of these events will register potential blood stem cell donors. 

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