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People Behind

Mr. Raghu Rajagopal

Co-Founder & CEO

Raghu is passionate about cancer-cure and was geared to address the challenges faced by people of Indian origin who were suffering from fatal blood disorders including Leukemia and Thalassemia. He was an active volunteer in a US donor search campaign for one of his friend’s fiancé with an Indo-Pakistan genetic makeup to find a life-saving match. The probability of finding a match for Asian patients suffering from serious blood disorders is as low as 2%. There are over 1,00,000 patients with fatal blood disorders in India alone. This stirred up the urgent need for a functional registry in the country. Realising the importance, along with Dr Nezih Cereb, President and Co-Founder of Histogenetics, a State-of-the-Art Lab specialised in HLA Typing, and Dr Soo Young Yang, Chairman and Founder of Histogenetics, Raghu set up DATRI, a not for profit organisation in the year 2009.

Raghu has been very active in the entrepreneurial eco-system in the US and India. He is also actively involved in a Millet based food company that specializes in healthy food options. He is the Head of Global Strategy for IVY Mobility, a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions in the FMCG and Pharmaceuticals vertical. Raghu is also the Managing Trustee for Punarjanmam Foundation that helps flood affected individuals and organizations. He is mentoring several start-ups as an advisor.

Raghu holds an Engineering Degree from BITS Pilani.

Dr. Nezih Cereb

Co-Founder & Chairperson

Is the President and Co-Founder of Histogenetics. He has been a long-time collaborator with Dr.Yang. With Dr. Yang, he has played a key role in elucidating the HLA-Class 1 intron sequences (1994)- which made HLA-class 1 DNA typing feasible. Dr. Cereb is an expert in introducing and implementing the latest technology for HLA typing. He has a background in clinical medicine, particularly bone marrow transplantation and in Basic and Applied Immunogenetics research.

Dr. Soo Young Yang

Co-Founder & Director

The Chairman and Founder of Histogenetics, a state-of-art laboratory specialized in HLA Typing, pioneered in the development of biochemical and molecular typing methods for HLA at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. With over 25 years of extensive research and experience in HLA genetics, Dr. Yang has created invaluable reagents and informatics for biotechnical and molecular typing of HLA that have contributed significantly to the field of human immunogenetics. This internationally recognized expertise forms the foundation of Histogenetics’ advanced technologies and services.