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We envision a society in which every patient in need of life saving blood stem cells, is provided with an opportunity to find a HLA matched, willing donor.






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What is Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation?

Once you register with DATRI, your cheek cell sample (buccal swab) is sent for HLA typing. This is stored in our registry.
If your HLA type matches with any patient looking for a match, you will be called upon to donate your blood stem cells to save the patient.A small sample of your blood is subjected to confirmatory typing. This is followed by a Master Health Check-up to make sure you are fit and healthy to donate. You will be given an injection called GCSF (Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor) for 5 days. This is to release your stem cells from the bone marrow into your peripheral blood flow. On the fifth day, your blood stem cells will be collected in a 4-5 hours outpatient procedure called Apheresis. Your blood stem cells are transported by DATRI to the transplant center. The transplant center doctor will transfuse your blood stem cells to the patient.